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We are dedicated to a format that refuses to go away because in our opinion, there is nothing that beats it short of master tapes and that is Analog. That's right! Turntables, Tonearms and Cartridges. We have never strayed away from this wonderful emotion provoking medium since the opening of our store in 1982.

There are many other dealers selling Turntables out there in audio land but there are just a few dealers that I would put my faith in their ability to setup a Turntable properly. The phono cartridge installation and alignments can make or break the fidelity that any given analog system can hope to produce. Tonearms and cartridges require proper matching so they work together in harmony.  Audiophiles should get what they pay for. 
We do our best to make that so.

We are not a dealership to take lightly. We are not a huge mail order house like you see so often on the Internet. These companies offer just about every high-end product in production today. A-Z  They figure that they can't miss if they offer everything. Do they truly care about what you the audiophile ends up with or are these order takers just trying to make as much commission as they can?  That would be fine if these order takers had the experience to guide you through the frustrating process of component selection that will work well together and stay within your budget.

We do not believe in shopping carts. This may be fine for a few accessories but not when it comes to the hardware that can bring you so close to the music.  We believe in the long term relationship.  We like to talk to our customers and give proper advice.  Many audiophiles have a good idea of what they are looking for in their audio system. It is our job to make sure that they do not spend their money in needless ways. It is your hard earned money. It is your ears. It is your passion.

Experience and knowledge is the key to a quality dealer such as ourselves. You will never get the snob approach when you contact us.  Here is a tip that can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

The “Source”, meaning a Turntable or CD player is at the beginning of the audio chain.
This is where the music /audio signal starts. I am sure some of you have heard the old saying....."junk in junk out"  The source is the most important part of any good audio system. This is where one should not nickel and dime themselves. Well enough said......I hope to hear from some of you good people, whether you are a novice or a hard core veteran. .......all is welcome!