​EXPRESSIVO GRANDE speaker cable is composed of 6 (CCT)  positive "air suspended" conductors at 15AWG of OFHC Copper around a non-conductive, low resonant core. Multiple low dielectric insulations are employed to optimize mechanical and electrical performance. This ULTRA low resistance speaker cable utilizes dual opposing spiral shields for the negative conductor path(s) and familiar Straight Wire anti-static micro-fiber braid.

The cable is custom jacketed with a durable mesh (various color 
options at no up-charge) rather than the Straight Wire traditional clear jacket. This preserves the micro-details throughout the audible spectrum for clear and effortless presentations. Critical enthusiasts should audition this cable together with Serenade SC to find the ideal compliment for their high level system(s).

​Level 4: Reference Grade Cables

SERENADE II SC Advanced Helical design featuring "CCT" (compressed copper technology) conductors and super foamed dual PTFE / polypropylene insulation. Serenade delivers an engaging, full soundstage for true "lifelike" performance. You hear all of the details and inflections of the performance totally unrestricted by this low resistance speaker cable. The "baby brother" to Crescendo has amazed many in the industry by offering such reference level performance attributes at such as reasonable price. Worthy of an audition with any high level separate component based system.

Expressivo: a unique, premium bi-wireable speaker cable. It incorporates Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) with  4 positive "air suspended" conductors at 15AWG of OFHC Copper,  multiple low dielectric insulations are employed to optimize mechanical and electrical performance. This low resistance speaker cable utilizes two opposing spiral shields for the negative conductor path(s) and familiar Straight Wire anti-static micro-fiber braid. 

The cable is custom jacketed with a durable mesh (various color options at no up-charge) rather than the Straight Wire traditional clear jacket.  This is to preserve micro-details of the Expressivo unique "air suspension" design. Ideal for high level separate components and LCR speakers in high level multichannel applications.

Rhapsody S Advanced Helix design uses the same premium silver plated conductors and advanced foamed polypropylene materials found in the matching Rhapsody S interconnect. Ideal for listeners who prefer crisp yet not edgy highs with a full, but never loose, bass foundation. Rendering of spatial details is accomplished with convincing weight and outstanding dynamic contrast. Mid level frequencies and vocals are rendered in remarkable fashion with great sibilance.Rhapsody S is universally compatible with nearly all speakers. Great choice for internal bi-wiring applications and larger rooms with less reflective elements.

​Level 3: Audiophile Grade High Articulation Cables

OCTAVE II features eight CCT (Compressed Conductor Technology)  OFHC copper conductor groupings with advanced foam polypropylene insulation for a significant advance in detail and precision. Compressing each conductor group achieves the best electrical and mechanical attributes of both solid core and stranded technologies. Linearity and consistency with focus, 
depth and musicality - Octave II is great choice for serious 
audio enthusiasts and has low enough resistance for long run use.

SYMPHONY SC combines 8 large conductor groups of 16awg  with Straight Wire's proprietary Foam TPR Hybrid insulation to achieve remarkable full developed bass, rich midrange and commensurate  upper registers. Symphony can help tame small reflective room issues  to deliver appropriate soundstage air space and requisite musical  subtleties for high grade digital receiver based systems. Symphony SC is the high value choice for many 2 channel and premium theater speaker applications.

SOUNDSTAGE SC: eclipses competing cables in this class with an eight conductor helix design of OFHC conductors that excels in midrange precision and focused highs; both positioned in a 3-D soundstage. Polypropylene insulation and a low resonant, low density mechanical core deliver tight, controlled lower registers

​Level 2: Significant Audible Advancement beyond Standard Cables 

​Chorus II SC Our versatile 12awg / 4 conductor speaker cable enables clear, crist mid and high registers with full, authoritative bass. Featuring Polypropylene insulation and OFHC conductors, Chorus will provide a powerful yet controlled performance at an economical cost, especially for digital AV receiver based systems requiring long run speaker cables .

Musicable SC helps your speakers reproduce the delicate high frequency range via the use of OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) conductors and polypropylene insulation in a quad twist. Accurate midrange and vocals together with controlled base combine to deliver a detailed, lifelike presentation. 

​Level 1: Essential Upgrade over Manufacturer Supplied Cables

Speaker Cables:

Crescendo 3: is a dramatic departure from all existing interconnect designs. No other Straight Wire cable has utilized the advanced field testing and dealer input or undergone such minute refinement. With an advanced helix array of many conductor groups, it has the lowest resistance of any interconnect. All dynamic constraints are eliminated; remaining is the most holographically believable soundscape, capable of transporting the listener to the original recording space. 

With Crescendo, music more than captivates the listener. You'll distinguish each musician and their instrument. Without the slightest hint of grain or glare, you'll take in every ounce of detail, allowing you to hear the entire performance venue. This component is for a select few who have the resources and environment to truly appreciate such a cable.

​Virtuoso R: strikes the captivating balance of articulation and lifelike musical presentation with distinguished coherency and dynamics. 
Premium individually coated Silver/Copper conductors in an advanced Dual Symmetrical Helix design have undergone such extensive refinement nor been scrutinized by as many critical music lovers. 

Many of the world's most respected audiophile manufactures rely on Virtuoso interconnects for the final "voicing" of their reference systems.  We hope that you too will also trust Virtuoso to serve in your reference system. It performs equally well in both solid state and tube based systems.

​Level 4: Reference Grade   

Serenade II IC employs Certified CDA 101 copper conductors in a low resistance, advanced Helix CCT (Compressed Conductor Technology) design. It conveys musical structure and dynamic passages with great focus and clarity.  Mid bass weight and midrange coherence are elevated in this “baby brother” to the award-winning Crescendo  It captivates the listener with an effortless  conveyance of the original air space and details. Unrestricted performance. pristine highs, brilliant mid range and vigorous bass are obvious when used in concert with high level audio components. Serenade II delivers all of the nuances of your favorite source materials.

Expressivo IC incorporates Compressed Conductor Technology 
(CCT) with 4  “air suspended” conductors at 21 awg (American Wire Gauge) of compressed OFHC Copper.  Multiple low dielectric insulations optimize mechanical and electrical performance. It combines CCT with a modified Star Quad Helix design that conveys musical nuances together with dynamic passages in a lifelike, un-restrained balance for highly refined components. 

The air space and soundstage are remarkably well defined with a uick, accurate pace. Upper register frequencies have appropriate speed and timbre with clear harmonic structure. Mid level passages offer natural sibilance and emotional character that bring you closer to your favorite recordings. Mid-bass is tight with appropriate decay while lower registers are full of force with true impact.​

Rhapsody S IC was developed from a low resistance, helical design foundation employing six conductor groups, Silver coated OFHC copper delivers detailed articulation of all frequencies with luxurious musicality. Foam Polypropylene insulation encapsulates each group in a low dielectric environment. You'll enter a holographic soundstage just like the original recording venue. Acknowledged interconnect selection of knowledgeable industry personnel for trade show demonstrations.

​Level 3: Audiophile Grade High Articulation Cables 

​Encore II IC utilizes OFHC conductors with the highest grade of Foam Poly-propylene insulation for uncolored presentation with engaging vocals. Straight Wire's most advanced Star-Quad design, Encore II, provides realistic tight bass and true upper frequencies regardless of cable length. This cable's high compatibility with nearly all components makes it a clear choice above the competition. Discover the significant improvement Encore II can make with today's top rated digital receivers and most separate components.

​Symphony II IC enhances the presentation capabilities of better electronics. Its silky midrange and rich, extended bass retrieval abilities convey all the natural texture of vocals and instruments. It incorporates special Foam TPR insulation around OFHC copper conductor groups in a balanced Star Quad design. Great for mid level integrated amps, components with discreet analog audio circuitry, better subwoofers and better digital equipment!

​Level 2: Significant Audible Advancement beyond Standard Cables

Chorus AG IC reveals the details in your favorite movies and music to improve your home entertainment experience. Sintered Foam PTFE insulation and silver plated OFC conductors produce great sonic realism and depth. Chorus AG utilizes an advanced symmetrical coaxial design to deliver an uncompromised signal including pinpoint details and tight, accurate bass. It will capture and release all the subtleties that you enjoy hearing.

​Musicable II IC is a favorite for unleashing the potential of digital surround sound receivers, DVD and CD players, music servers, MP3 players, DVRs, subwoofers and other components. Its advanced polypropylene insulation in a balanced Star Quad design brings out the depth and subtleties from your favorite recordings. Dual shields are great at rejecting noise for long runs.

​Level 1: Essential Upgrade over Manufacturers Supplied Cables


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​CRESCENDO 3 speaker cable offers technical and sonic advances the over the highly acclaimed original version. The inner core has seven equal diameter TPR hollow tubes vs. one large PE tube. This allows for greater flexibility and lower mechanical resonances. The (12) large conductive groups have modified Dual insulation of soft" Foam PTFE and "hard" Foam Polypropylene. Conductor group resistance remained the same while compression was modified.

Crescendo speaker cable was the first Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) design produced by Straight Wire. This design combines the best attributes of solid-core and stranded conductor technology. Extreme care was given to the degree of conductor compression and pressure of the Foam Polypropylene insulation.

Crescendo 3 provides mechanical and electrical advancements beyond original Crescendo speaker cable. Lifelike preservation of low level details coupled with unmatched dynamics and detail are easy to discern with this cable. It synergizes reference caliber components to provide captivating performances.​

VIRTUOSO H speaker cable featuring a unique cable structure, which incorporates the best aspects of our renowned SYMMETRICAL COAXIAL and ADVANCED HELIX designs. Six stranded conductor groups of heavy Silver Plated OFHC Copper are compressed and helically twisted around a non-conductive core to comprise the positive conductor group. Two Silver Plated OFHC braid shields with a Foam Polypropylene dielectric between them comprise the negative conductor group. The inner helical positive conductors permit effortless dynamics, a full luscious midrange and sound stage realism. The negative braid shields offer symmetrical electromagnetic control for pinpoint high frequency details, tight controlled bass and other mechanical advantages.