​Soundwave Fidelity Corp Soliloquy Series II Point Source Loudspeakers  $449.95 Pr.

Infinity RS-III Loudspeakers  $349.95 Pr.

Carver AV-64 Three Channel Power Amplifier   $199.95

​Audes Jazz Loudspeakers  $595.00 Pr.

Canalis Cambria Loudspeakers DEMO's  ​$2,995.00 Pr.

Kenwood KD-500 with JVC(Victor) UA-7045 Tonearm and Grado Cartridge       $795.00

Jeff Rowland Research Model 7 Mono Amps Seriously POWERFUL    $3,495.00

​Dynaudio Contour S1.4 Limited Edition Dealer Demo Loudspeakers  $2,495.00 Pr.

Canalis Anima Loudspeakers Dealer Demo​  $1,595.00 Pr.

​Polyfusion Audio Model 860     $695.00

NHT Model II Loudspeakers  $199.95 Pr.

​Empire Troubador 398 Fully Refinished with Systemdek Profile 1 Tonearm and Rega Carbon Cartridge   $995.00

Bower and Wilkins BW Matrix 2's Loudspeakers  $649.95 Pr.

​Swans Speaker Systems Allure Loudspeakers   $1,595.00 Pr.

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