I​n developing our new line of Internet Radio Tuners (Wifi Tuners), we first gave consideration to how we have created certain products that have stood out from the landscape of hi-fi audio equipment. The timeless Etude FM Tuner launched back in 1988, the MD 208 (Stereophile's 2000 Product of the Year), and more recently the launch of the World-Source Platform and the MD 109 - all have helped affirm our ability to design and build products that are truly world-leading. Our newest offering, the MD 809T Internet Radio Tuner, is certain to be another one of these products. We feel it is the best Internet Radio Tuner on the market today.

Into it we poured every innovation in audio technology we have developed over our 25+ year lifetime, and taken 'attention to detail' to a level seen only seen in a select few products in our category. Boasting more functionality than any product we have developed, the MD 809 may quickly take over the 'most listened to' position among your source-audio products.

Equipped with access to terrestrial FM broadcasts and DAB/DAB+ (where available), the MD 809's functionality really shines when accessing over 20,000 Internet radio stations via the on-board wi-fi antenna or connected LAN line. This huge collection of music is all available via our intuitive, touch-screen driven software accessible on both the faceplate AND remote. Or if you prefer, plug in your USB or network-stored library of music files (including AAC+, Real, MP3, FLACs and WMA), and navigate your digital music collection with ease.

Of course, smooth and simple functionality is a mere appetizer when compared to the MD 809's main course. And that is a music experience so realistic, so open and transparent and so incredibly detailed, that it will change your opinion not only about Internet Radio, but also about all digital audio sources. Despite the variability in bit rates and sample rates among Internet radio audio broadcasts, or even among your collection of digital audio files, the MD 809 Internet Radio Tuner will define a new category of audio products in any home audio equipment collection.

MD 809​     $8,000

​When creating a line of INTERNET MEDIA TUNERS worthy of inclusion in any high-performance audio system, we wanted to build not only world-leading products, but also a flexible line-up. Boasting the same functionality found in our MD 809 INTERNET MEDIA TUNER, the MD 807 is a product built with the audio-purist in mind. With simplified styling, the MD 807 features a beefy audio stage, our top-end DAC design not often found in a source device. It is yet another product that is helping us put Internet radio and connected digital music collections on the same plane as more conventional sources in home audio.

MD 807​     $4,500

The 2nd introduction in our line-up of INTERNET MEDIA TUNERS , the MD 806 brings years of expertise in analog sound staging, our proven development in D-to-A conversion technology, and innovative new software to unlock a near limitless access to music. With access to over 20,000 Internet radio stations and the ability to unlock the true sound potential in your digital music collection, the MD 806 can be a true staple among your collection of source audio products. 

MD 806​     $2,700

Our line of INTERNET MEDIA TUNERS starts with the MD 801, but this product is far from entry-level. It is, like our long-standing line of FM tuners, worthy of inclusion in any high-performance home audio system, and even whole-house installations. And with access not only to Internet radio, but also an easy way to navigate your existing collection of digital audio, our line of INTERNET RADIO TUNERS is an exciting next step in the evolution of distributed audio. 

MD 801​     $1,600

Internet Media Tuners from Magnum Dynalab:

​Primary highlights include an ultra stable power supply, a direct output Triode audio section and most importantly, the introduction of the World Source PlatformTM.

The World Source PlatformTM represents the culmination of 2 years of internal development, and the commitment with which we have embraced the evolution of the multi-format audio source environment that we live in today.

Designed to remain perpetually current, the MD 109 starts with receiving and delivering with sonic accuracy all terrestrial FM signals better than any FM tuner that we have ever developed. Beyond this, it is also upgradeable to accommodate digital audio from various sources, including satellite radio, CD, DVD and Internet Sources. Quite simply, the MD 109 serves as your source component for all future listening options and variables.

MD 109T​     $10,080

The predecessor and backbone of the new MD 108T Triode Tube FM Tuner, the MD 108, is one of the most successful standalone FM tuners we have ever introduced. It has been a staple of the Magnum Dynalab collection for over 10 years and the first of our tuners to employ the distinctive and incredibly precise MAGIC EYE tube for tuning, and also the first of our products to utilize a separate audio stage within the unit.

​In 2005, the Magnum Dynalab design team took this discrete audio stage to the next level. Our proprietary TRACCTM technology (Triode Reference Audio Control Center) was introduced first with the launch of the MD 109 FM Tuner, and this innovative design has resulted in our most impressive audio output ever. With our most inspiring audio section now available to the market, we felt it appropriate to apply this new technology to some of our classic Analogue FM tuners. Introducing the MD 108T.

MD 108T​     $7,500

New for 2010, the MD 107 FM Tuner is a worthy replacement of one of our long-standing flagship products, the MD 106T. Now standard on many of our high-performance tuners, the MD 107 uses two 6922 MD Triodes in the audio amplification stage, and features upgraded capacitors, tighter tolerances on components in the RF section, and an improved power supply. It also comes equipped (as an option) with our onboard DAC, with available S/PDIF and USB 2.0 inputs, both of which are selectable via the optional remote or the faceplate. For more information on our DAC upgrade, click here.

MD 107T​     $4,500

​Another new FM tuner for 2010, the MD 105T is built off the platform of our now discontinued MD 102T FM tuner, with a selection of component upgrades throughout the unit. Built with RF components that are produced to even tighter tolerances than in the discontinued MD 102 & MD 102T, the 105 also features capacitor upgrades and a more stable power supply, along with the same MD Reference 6922 tubes in the amplification stage of the audio section.

With improving RF transmission equipment around the world, this Triode tuner, with its distinctive audio stage, allows you to experience FM as it was intended, with the full emotion and zeal with which the music was originally recorded. It is pure, unaltered, source audio.

The MD 105T uses our proven RF design and includes a collection of improvements to our audio staging. This includes our unrelenting focus on a complete grounding circuit to eliminate any unwanted stray signals, and most importantly, a zero feedback design in the audio stage, ensuring the waveform is unaltered through the output circuit. It is a truly high-performance product, worthy of inclusion in any audiophile's audio system​

MD 105T     $3,600

MD 105        $3,000

​Developed to co-exist with the MD 90, the MD 90TSE is also a successor to the FT101A, one of the most sensitive, selective and sonically accurate FM tuners of our time. The MD 90TSE continues the tradition by re-defining state-of-the-art in analog FM tuner design.

As did the FT-101A, the MD 90TSE combines the very latest in discrete, analog technology. In addition to its highly renowned MOSFET front end, which provides 4 stages of very careful and precise RF amplification, we have added the Triode audio section, which includes a Philips military grade JJ 6922 tube in the amplification stage. This addition provides audio realism and the bigger sound stage characteristics heard only through the tube experience.

MD 90 T SE       $2,275

MD 90 T             $1,785

MD 90 SE           $1,775

MD 90​                 $1,400

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